New IM networks on Windows Live: Will it stay just a wish?

Dear readers,

Adding support for additional instant messaging networks has always been on a high place on the wish list for Windows Live Messenger. People were excited when they have to know that Microsoft and Yahoo would cooperate to allow using the networks in both company’s clients, back in 2005. People were even more excited when they learnt that the Windows Live team had not lied and integration really came true in 2006.

However, since then, not much has happened in relation to cooperation between big chat networks. Even the situation between Microsoft and Yahoo has become quite strange since last year’s happenings. For now, the latest report published on this blog as well as “Messenger Stuff” ( ), about “New IM networks for Windows Live”, is a made-up story, as far as considering the planned cooperation of Windows Live with ICQ, AIM, Skype, Google Talk and Facebook Chat.

Microsoft landed a big coup with Windows Live Wave 3, adding social networking features and reinventing the world of Live Spaces as well as introducing new functionality like Windows Live Profile and Web Activities showing up in omnipresent “What’s New” feeds.

Sadly, implementing Facebook as a new Web Activity, something that had always been in the mind of the Windows Live Managers, took longer than expected, which is the reason why it is still not released to the public yet. From the latest news that I read, the release date for Facebook “What’s New” integration is already set internally, only not announced yet.

Adding support for all major instant messaging networks would make Windows Live Messenger the unquestionable no. 1, and we should really hope that Microsoft would finally realize exactly this. The tremendous amount of comments and enthusiasm about this news story, here in this blog as well as at the corresponding news posts at Messenger Stuff and at LiveSide, shows what Messenger users throughout the world think about such a universal Instant Messaging integration.

Dear Windows Live Team, do you see how much your users want it?


  1. send it to the windows live messenger team, product manager, or/and if a butterfly suggest it via there

    also in regard of facebook web activity there were sources reported by techcrunch and liveside of april (but see facebook chat windows live chat bar blog comments)

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