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Windows Live Wave 5: The next version in development

9 July 2011
An all-round update for the Windows Live services is developed at the moment. The recently published new features in Windows Live SkyDrive and Hotmail are only the tip of the iceberg. As Windows 8 sets a large focus on Microsoft’s web services.

Egypt is back on the Web

3 February 2011
After five days, Egypt is partially back online: According to multiple sources, Web access works in the capital Cairo as well as in Alexandria. Obviously, Twitter and social networks are still blocked and can only be used with workarounds.

How-to: Increase your Internet Speed

3 February 2011
In this tutorial I’m going to show you a quick way to eliminate bandwidth restrictions. Windows OS come to us with a lot of unknown restrictions and limitations.

Microsoft releases free website editor

13 January 2011
By releasing the free website development environment WebMatrix, Microsoft continues collecting bonus points from web developers. After testing it for six months, the software has been released as final today.

Tim thinks Facebook limits new ideas

25 November 2010
The web pioneer Tim Berners-Lee considers websites like Facebook to be dangerous for the Web. They allow data to get in — but do not offer adequate ways to get them out again.

Live Sync to be renamed Live Mesh

21 September 2010
The synchronization program Windows Live Sync is going to be renamed to Live Mesh. As part of the Windows Live Essentials suite of applications, Live Sync allows synchronizing folders and files across computers and more devices.

Cryptic Google doodle brings up rumors

7 September 2010
When you visit Google’s home page today, you are welcomed by a really strange logo: A bunch of small circles in Google colors jump over the screen apparently by random before forming the well-known Google logo. According to Google, the doodle is announcing big news.

Problems with .de domains

12 May 2010
DE Domains have massive problems at the moment, caused by a general failure at the German domain registry DENIC, maintaining the German addresses.

This Week’s Thoughts: Computers In the Cloud

27 November 2009
Cloud Computing is everywhere these days. Microsoft has launched Windows Azure, Chrome OS also focuses on your data in the web. But what is it all about? What possibilities and disadvantages does cloud computing have? Finally: Who can or should use it?