Cryptic Google doodle brings up rumors

When you visit Google’s home page today, you are welcomed by a really strange logo: A bunch of small circles in Google colors jump over the screen apparently by random before forming the well-known Google logo. According to Google, the doodle is announcing big news.

Google doodles are animated very rarely. The first animated doodle was published only few weeks ago. Usually, the reason for the animation can be discovered quite easily. For instance, on Pac Man’s anniversary, you could play the classic Arcade game on Google’s home page. Today’s doodle however has no guessable message. When you move the cursor, the diverse small circles are messed up like hell, and when you don’t move it, they will revert to the Google logo.

Stefan Keuchel, Press Officer Google Germany, only made a short statement:

Today’s doodle is really exceptional: it is looking forward to some exciting things… stay tuned :-).

However, he clearly stated that it has nothing to do with Google CEO Eric Schmidt’s keynote at the IFA trade fair nor with Google’s twelveth birthday soon.

Order in the mess: Doodle for announcing a social network?

Therefore, it might be the easiest guess to bring the connection of many different points to a big whole with the awaited announcement for a new social network by Google. As Google only had few success with Orkut up to now, rumors stack that Google will do a second try and will launch a competitive product to Facebook.

However, it might also well be an announcement regarding the finish of Chrome OS development. The cloud computing OS will be shipped on first netbooks starting this fall. According to Keuchel, in few days the Google doodle secret is going to be lifted. Until then, make an educated guess!