Google : work in progress!

Google is showing us day by day even more interesting news and great improvements. Actually thousands of people use to visit home page both to use the powerfull search engine, and also to see if there’s a new funny doodle by BIG G!

Just Today in memory of the 120° anniversary of Agatha Christie’s birth we can see this image

Doodle fun, Part two

Right after yesterday’s crazy bubbles doodle, Google now lets you type into the main logo. With each keystroke you press, one more letter of the word Google gets colored. What is going on? Google keeps quiet. Yet.

Cryptic Google doodle brings up rumors

When you visit Google’s home page today, you are welcomed by a really strange logo: A bunch of small circles in Google colors jump over the screen apparently by random before forming the well-known Google logo. According to Google, the doodle is announcing big news.