Google : work in progress!

Google is showing us day by day even more interesting news and great improvements. Actually thousands of people use to visit home page both to use the powerfull search engine, and also to see if there’s a new funny doodle by BIG G!

Just Today in memory of the 120th anniversary of Agatha Christie’s birth we can see this image:

It’s clear that the main purpose of doodles is to commemorate special events. But are you sure that it’s the only one?
As you can see from some days Google has a new feature called Instant Search which shows the search results instantly as you write the words, just as one of the last doodle animations which made the G O O G L E logo coloured word by word. So, as you can see, big G never leaves anything to chance then you always careful about what you see, because it may hide a clue to an imminent feature.