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Tag: Google

Google+ pseudonyms soon allowed

21 October 2011
The social network Google+ will soon allow people to use pseudonyms. Until now, Google has enforced Google+ users to enter their real names.

Skype removes Google integration

19 October 2011
Along with announcing the successfully closed deal between Skype and Microsoft, an update for the popular software has been published. It includes minor changes that show Microsoft’s influence on Skype.

Security Essentials detects Chrome as malware

2 October 2011
Microsoft has published a signature update for several security tools. It fixes an erroneous patch causing Google’s Chrome web browser being falsely detected as part of the PWS:Win32/Zbot trojan horse, also known as Zeus.

Google Talk now knows AIM users, too

28 May 2011
It has always been possible to chat with your AIM buddies directly from Gmail, but you needed your own AOL network account for this feature. You don't need such anymore — AIM contacts can be added directly.

Intelligent filter system for Gmail

14 March 2011
Google has added a new feature to its e-mail service. As the amount of e-mails to handle each day increases for most users, an automatic filter system tries to keep your inbox clean.

Google Analytics: In the focus of privacy advocates

3 February 2011
Protecting my privacy on the web is important for me. Nevertheless, I feel that the discussion around privacy on the Internet has heated up more and more in the last years – too much. Now, some privacy advocates even start claiming that the statistics service Google Analytics were illegal in Germany. But social networks and large web companies, like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and more platforms get into the focus of privacy advocates quite often, too. Why?

Soon it gets easier to delete Flash cookies

15 January 2011
Until now, deleting Flash cookies was a hard task to solve for many users. Adobe has announced to extend its Flash player so users can control and delete Flash cookies. To achieve this goal, Adobe cooperates with all important browser creators.