The revamped Youtube homepage

Google has published a public beta of the new homepage for its video platform Youtube. Being worked on for some time already, this beta is now available for anybody to try out. There are some new features to discover.

For example, on the new home page there is a combined list containing subscriptions, friend activities and recommendations. You will find browsing the many lists easier with this combined list. Also, you don’t only see the latest video from channels you subscribed to, but all new clips that have been uploaded since your last visit.

Youtube: new homepage

The video display has been optimized. You can hide clips you don’t want to see by clicking an “X” icon. Videos you have already watched are shown half-transparent, so you won’t watch them again without wanting to. The new home page also contains recently liked and favorited videos.

Directly below the search box, you will now find links to your inbox and to the latest comments. At the end of the page, there is a link for loading more videos, so chances are higher that you won’t have to leave the home page that often anymore.

To check out the new features, simply visit the opt-in page for the new homepage. Switching back to the old version is possible anytime.