The revamped Youtube homepage

Google has published a public beta of the new homepage for its video platform Youtube. Being worked on for some time already, this beta is now available for anybody to try out. There are some new features to discover.

Thank you, mates!

It has been one year since I started this blog.  Many things have changed, but one thing has stayed: it is you visitors, you readers, that make this blog living.  I would never have assumed that this blog would get over 50,000 visitors in just one year, with more than

Il mio browser è un cattivo ragazzo :(

“Windows Live è stato progettato per te, ma forse non per il tuo browser.” Questo è quello che ho visto sul mio schermo quando ho aperto Windows Live Calendar con Google Chrome. L’avviso mi dice di usare Internet Explorer 6 maggiori, Safari 3 o maggiore, oppure Firefox 2 o maggiore,