Phunk’n 2: The popular skin, reinvented

Multimedia designer and star skinner Will Ingles has released the Messenger 2009 version of his popular skin set Phunk’n. I had to completely recode the entire skin and re-think certain parts of the skin to suit Messenger 2009. While most of the skin retains the layout from the previous version

Twitter OAuth API now live

Now, I’ve got a new dance for y’all called the Soulja Boy. Oh, wait, no, sorry. The OAuth beta is now open to all developers, though. This was the small tweet by Alex Payne, Twitter’s API Lead, announcing the general availablility of OAuth for Twitter, last Monday. OAuth, designed for

Changing clothes

Since yesterday, my blog has a new theme, designed by Picturepan2 (owner of I hope you enjoy the design as much as I do… Tell me your opinion about it. I also changed the blog tagline from “Messenger news, Windows tips, and more” to “Windows Live Enhanced”. If you’re

Bringing your own touch to the Windows Live Sign-in

Keeping your Corporate / Site Identity, while using Windows Live Authentication – this has not been possible in the past. The Authentication APIs, namely Web Authentication and Delegated Authentication, do not allow any changing of the Live Sign-in page to adopt your website design and thus a seamless transition while

Der Windows Live-Anmeldung deinen persönlichen Anstrich verleihen

Deine Firmen-/Seiten-Identität wahren und dennoch Windows Live Authentifizierung nutzen – dies war in der Vergangenheit nicht möglich. Die Authentifizierungs-APIs, nämlich Web-Authentifizierung und Delegated-Authentifizierung, erlauben keine Änderung der Live-Anmeldeseite, um dein Website-Design zu adoptieren und somit einen nahtlosen Übergang zu haben, während deine Besucher zu Windows Live und dann zurück zu