Twitter OAuth API now live

Now, I’ve got a new dance for y’all called the Soulja Boy. Oh, wait, no, sorry. The OAuth beta is now open to all developers, though.

This was the small tweet by Alex Payne, Twitter’s API Lead, announcing the general availablility of OAuth for Twitter, last Monday. OAuth, designed for Single Sign-Ons on third-party websites, removes the security concern of having to enter your Twitter username and password on such websites. Instead, you can now register applications to use the OAuth API.

Welcome to the Developer Beta of the Twitter Application Platform! We’re just getting started, but we thought we’d start releasing components that will help you, the developers, connect your users with the world, right now.

For starters, we’re allowing you to both register your application here, as well as providing an improved Authentication System, OAuth. To read more about how this help both you and your users, please visit

Enjoy! And please report any bugs or general feedback to

OAuth is an open standard for online authentication. It enables a user who stores information such as a password on a particular Web site to then authorize yet another site to access that data, all the while not sharing the user’s identity with that site. Twitter OAuth had been offered to some developers in a closed beta a few weeks ago, according to Twitter’s OAuth FAQ.