Adding security to Hotmail

With two new features, Hotmail users can access their accounts better in case they have been compromised by criminals. That is what the Windows Live team has announced in the Inside Windows Live blog.

Hablamos español—but secure, please

Spanish is the first of currently 4 user-translated languages that are about to get added to Twitter. You can now switch the Twitter website to Spanish. And please check your OAuth permissions for unwanted applications. We show how.

Come fare: Stare sicuro mentre si usa Messenger

Virus, backdoor, cavalli di troia, le root kit sono sempre più diffusi ai giorni d’oggi e dovreste tenere molta attenzione mentre si usa Windows Live Messenger per tenere te e til tuo computer sicuro. Ecco alcuni consigli che ti possono aiutare a stare sicuro: Non cliccare ogni link che si

How-to: Stay secure while using Messenger

As viruses, backdoors, Trojan horses, even root kits are commonly spread these days, you should pay close attention while using Windows Live Messenger in order to maintain your own and your computer’s safety. Here are some tips that help you to stay secure: Do not click every link you receive.