1. Caramba,
    Vc tenta entrar no messenger, ficam te enchendo o saco para instalar não sei o que e agora que instalei ess Droga, não consigo entrar. ADOREEEEEIIIIII isso, bem legal. Como vou recuperar meus contatos …. DESISTO DE VCS

  2. Dont know what your playing at, but since you have FORCED me to change from the old Windows Live I have had nothing but loads of problems and am still being messed about.I am thinking of chucking my computer in the scrap bin.- I have lost days of my life trying to sort this crap out. How you have got the nerve to say this is simple is be-ond me .-Vic

  3. hey thanks for your blog in fixing messenger where log in details cant be rememberd. Finally fixed the problem thanks to you. A great help!

  4. hello!! i need some help!! i meet messenger problems!! when i loaded windows live, i have lost all my contact list!! i want to get back it but it doesn’t work!! please help me! ( oh sorry for my english bcuz im french!! :s)

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