Windows XP, Vista, 7: When DEP Prevents Apps From Starting

Tuning your computer does not always lead to the desired result. Sometimes, your computer has more problems after tuning than it had before. For example, wrong tuning measures can cause that programs do not start anymore but you only see the error message “Data Execution Prevention.” Use the following work-around to launch the program nevertheless.

Windows and You: By an ordinary user (Technogran)

Welcome to a new series on this blog. Windows and You will feature how people deal with and think about Microsoft Windows. It gives an insight what you like most in Windows as well as what you want to see in the next version. Let’s start the series with Technogran, an avid Windows user already running Windows 7.

Minor update for Messenger Plus! Live: 4.83

All the noise around Windows 7—and a new build of Messenger Plus! is released.  What’s new?  The most important changes: Improved network hooking mechanism. For some people, this will improve how Messenger Plus! catches various network events (used for notifications, the event viewer, …). For other people, this will solve