Windows and You: By an ordinary user (Technogran)

TechnogranWelcome to a new series on this blog.  Windows and You will feature how people deal with and think about Microsoft Windows.  It gives an insight what you like most in Windows as well as what you want to see in the next version.  Let’s start the series with Technogran, an avid Windows user already running Windows 7.

mynetx: Technogran, it is nice to meet you again.  This time, let’s talk about Windows 7.

Technogran: Okay, fire away!

mynetx: First of all: Are you running the new Windows currently?

Technogran: Yes I am.  I am using my bought copy of Windows 7 Home Premium.

mynetx: How would you judge the setup?  Was it fast, or rather slow?  Did you run an upgrade?

Technogran: Yes I did an upgrade this time from Vista Home Premium.

mynetx: What had your first computer been like—which Windows edition had it been running?

Technogran: My very first computer used Windows XP.

mynetx: Have you been running the Windows 7 beta version or the release candidate?

Technogran: Up until recently I was using the beta version of Windows 7.

mynetx: What were your first thoughts when you got to see Windows 7 in action?

Technogran: I loved it, but then I loved Vista as well.  I think there are some brilliant new things in Windows 7 though.

mynetx: How does the new Windows enhance the experience that users of Windows Vista or even Windows XP have?

Technogran: Oh that’s easy!  Ease of use when connecting anything up to the computer such as your printer, camera, mobile phone etc., you don’t even need the discs with the drivers on.  It’s so much easier now, and also easier to set up your Xbox 360 with media center for sharing all your pictures etc.  I could never EVER get that to work in XP!

mynetx: How does all this relate to Windows Live, in your opinion?

Technogran: Windows 7 is the first OS that really uses Windows Live in a meaningful way.  You are encouraged to make use of the Windows Live Essentials suite in tandem with the new operating system and they work so well together, that anyone who doesn’t use them is missing an awful lot in my opinion.

mynetx: What is your favorite feature in Windows 7?

Technogran: Ohhh, that’s a toughie!  Hmm, let me see, well it will have to be the taskbar I suppose if I can only choose one.  It works exactly how I like my taskbar to work, in fact you could almost imagine that the Windows 7 team had come and asked me personally how I wanted my taskbar to work!  All my programs visible to use in one click even if I am surfing online, right click and there just one click away is all your recent usage in each program or application, it’s brilliant!

mynetx: Windows 8 planning has already started.  What are your favorite wishes?

Technogran: Hmm, that’s a toughie and I think that they are going to be hard pressed to improve on Windows 7.  I would like to see everything in the OS including the virus/malware checker oh, and also they should include a really good screen grabber more capable than the snipping tool.  Similar to how Snag It works.

mynetx: Do you know about a Windows tip that not everybody might already know?

Technogran: Not really.  All of them seem to have been covered by everyone else.  It’s been one of the most hotly tipped OS’s ever!

mynetx: Wonderful!  Thank you for your time. =)

Technogran: That’s okay mynetx, thank you for feeling that I was worth interviewing.