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Tag: Clubhouse

How-to: Enable the telnet command in Windows 7

13 January 2011
Using the telnet command, tech-savvy ones can remote control other computers or check HTTP, SMTP, POP3 and more plain-text connections over the web, by using the telnet command. Though, apparently this command has been removed in Windows 7. It has not.

How-to: Disable Windows Live Messenger

11 January 2011
Even if you don’t use it for chatting with friends, Windows Live Messenger keeps starting up every time you start your computer. The solution: disable Messenger’s auto-start.

How-to: Set your favorite mouse cursor

28 December 2010
Microsoft has not changed the default mouse cursor in Windows since Windows Vista was published. The default pointer however is sometimes not quite visible. For my part, this is the most important reason why I am using a non-standard mouse cursor.

How-to: Hide Windows 7 libraries

28 December 2010
In Windows 7, “My Documents” have been replaced by “Libraries”. However, not everybody uses the new folder structure.

The 2010 Summary, Part I

27 December 2010
Once again, a year is over — for me, 2010 was very interesting. Much has happened, including unforeseen events. Come with me on a timeline journey and let’s think back to the most interesting events in 2010!

Windows Live Writer: Calling for ideas

14 December 2010
Windows Live Writer is one of the first applications of the Essentials suite to enter the planning phase for its next release, called “Wave 5.” Now is the time to get involved into the plannings, adding your ideas and wishes.

Mesh problems: Sign-in not possible

14 December 2010
If you wanted to try out the synchronization service Windows Live Mesh recently and launched it for the first time, you might have seen nothing but an error message.

Live Essentials 2011: Small Update Published

5 December 2010
Yesterday, a bugfix update without visible changes has been published for nearly all Windows Live Essentials applications. This increases the version number of all programs except for Windows Live Mesh and Windows Live Family Safety from 15.4.3902.0922 to 15.4.3508.1109.

32 or 64 Bit: What Makes the Difference?

5 December 2010
In recent times, the 64 bit architecture gets more and more important. What is common for 32 and 64 bit, what do you have to pay attention to?