Live Essentials 2011: Small Update Published

Thanks to a tip by our friends over at, we got to know that yesterday a so-called QFE update (that is, an update with bug fixes only) was published for nearly all applications in Windows Live Essentials. This increases the version number of all programs except for Windows Live Mesh and Windows Live Family Safety from 15.4.3502.0922 to15.4.3508.1109.

Windows Live Messenger 2011 QFE

To install the update, just run the installer from [download id=22] again. Afterwards, reboot your computer. Here is a list of included bug fixes (incomplete, perhaps):

  • Windows Live Writer 2011: The Alt Gr could not be used for typing special characters (like needed in French and German keyboard layout).
  • Windows Live Mail 2011: a hash “#” was added to any sent e-mail if Internet Explorer 9 beta is installed
  • More fixes due to the Internet Explorer 9 beta

While I am just getting round to installing the update, please let me know if you become aware of more bug fixes included in this Essentials 2011 update.