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Tag: Windows Live

The easier sign-in screen

9 July 2011
There is no end to the updates for Windows Live published in recent times. The sign-in screen to the Live web services got updated too. It now focuses on single accounts only.

Windows Live Wave 5: The next version in development

9 July 2011
An all-round update for the Windows Live services is developed at the moment. The recently published new features in Windows Live SkyDrive and Hotmail are only the tip of the iceberg. As Windows 8 sets a large focus on Microsoft’s web services.

Twitter will be reconnected to Windows Live

4 July 2011
The micro-blogging service Twitter will make its comeback to Windows Live within 2011. This is what the developer beta for Windows Phone Codename “Mango” indicates.

Thanks for being great folks, MVPs!

30 June 2011
For the past 12 months, I have been a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional for the Windows Live expertise. It was a thrilling year!

Reinventing Hotmail Wave 5 with HTML5

23 April 2011
The fifth wave of the Windows Live services is due in 2012 the earliest. In this wave, Hotmail could get revamped with HTML5-specific features too. For example, the Hotmail team is planning to support Offline storage.

Notes in your Windows Live Profile - discontinued

23 April 2011
The Windows Live team has chosen to discontinue the feature to leave notes within your friends’ Windows Live Profiles. Additionally, you cannot anymore send them Private Messages.

Windows Live Essentials move into the cloud

1 April 2011
As Microsoft is pushing toward Cloud Computing for many web services, the next logical step is to bring the richness of Windows applications to the Web. This is why you will be able to run the Windows Live Essentials 2012 (Wave 5) applications directly from the Web.

Closing chat windows with MPOP

8 March 2011
The other day I received a question from a Messenger user. They asked: “When I sign out on one endpoint or close a chat window there, it gets closed on all other endpoints as well. Is there a switch (registry or so?) to disable this behavior?”

Is Zune’s future in danger?

20 February 2011
When Microsoft announced the strategic partnership with Nokia last week, they also talked about the brands that both companies are going to share. It was remarkable that Zune is not one of them.