The 2010 Summary: Part II

A year in review: 2010 has been both interesting and surprising for me. In this recap of July to December, you will get to know why.

You should start moving your Windows Live Space

Like already noted in September, the free blogging service Windows Live Spaces is closing on March 16, 2011. Please remember that after January 4, 2011, you will no longer be able to add new contents to your Space, as it will become read-only.

Windows Live Writer: Calling for ideas

Windows Live Writer is one of the first applications of the Essentials suite to enter the planning phase for its next release, called “Wave 5.” Now is the time to get involved into the plannings, adding your ideas and wishes.

Get and create Windows Live Plug-ins

On December 14, 2010, the Windows Live team has introduced a new subdomain of, featuring plug-ins for Windows Live Essentials. For example, you can find extensions for Windows Live Writer or Photo Gallery. These additional programs add new features to the applications.

Live Essentials 2011: Small Update Published

Yesterday, a bugfix update without visible changes has been published for nearly all Windows Live Essentials applications. This increases the version number of all programs except for Windows Live Mesh and Windows Live Family Safety from 15.4.3902.0922 to 15.4.3508.1109.

Adding security to Hotmail

With two new features, Hotmail users can access their accounts better in case they have been compromised by criminals. That is what the Windows Live team has announced in the Inside Windows Live blog.

Windows Live service status now available

You are getting an error in Windows Live or one of the applications and are thus wondering whether the error only occurs with your account, or whether it is a common problem? You can find out with the Windows Live service status.