The 2010 Summary: Part II

A year in review: 2010 has been both interesting and surprising for me. In this recap of July to December, you will get to know why.

Internet Explorer 9 Beta

  • July 2010
    • On July 1, 2010, I found an e-mail in my inbox having the subject: “Congratulations 2010 Microsoft MVP!” I got awarded with the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional award in the Windows Live expertise, and I took great delight from getting to know this.
    • The Windows 8 documents leaked by a HP employee have consequences on people spreading the leaks. Among others, some Live Spaces are closed.
  • August 2010
    • The new Hotmail Wave 4 version is now enabled for all users worldwide. It introduces features like Sweep, Active Views and viewing messages in conversations.
    • Windows Live Essentials gets a new beta refresh. It adds correct Gmail handling to Live Mail as well as Facebook Chat to Messenger.
  • September 2010

  • October 2010
    • In the Windows Live Messenger for iPhone app, more languages, support for iOS 4 and Facebook Chat are added.
    • Messenger Plus! 4.9 is published as intermediary update with limited support for Messenger 2011.
  • November 2010
  • December 2010
    • The whistle-blower website Wikileaks keeps appearing in the news. For 2011, publications concerning major U.S. banks are already announced.
    • The antivirus solution Microsoft Security Essentials gets updated to version 2.0.
    • and Orbitz are the first partners to launch Active Views inside your Hotmail inbox. They are running sandboxed Javascript to provide dynamic contents while you don’t have to leave the inbox.

Summarizing 2010, how has Windows Live developed in the past year? What were the major focuses for the development team? I will shed some light on this tomorrow.