The 2010 Summary: Part II

A year in review: 2010 has been both interesting and surprising for me. In this recap of July to December, you will get to know why.

What happened to

“Windows Live Personalised Experience”—this is what Wikipedia calls, the successor of This service allowed you to put together your own home page with gadgets and other stuff to get you a home on the Web. Much like iGoogle, to be honest. Frozen project, it seems. Dead project? Let’s

Windows Live und Du: „Die richtige Plattform schaffen, mit der Websites sich an Windows Live-Nutzer anschließen“ (Angus Logan, Microsoft)

Willkommen zu einem neuen Interview in der Sommerausgabe der Serie „Windows Live und du“! Heute habe ich einen besonderen Gast eingeladen, um mit ihm über seinen persönlichen Bezug zu Windows Live zu sprechen: heißen wir Angus Logan willkommen, Senior Technischer Produktleiter für Live-Dienste bei Microsoft. mynetx: Angus, ich freue mich,

Windows Live and You: “Building the right platform for web sites to plug into Windows Live users” (Angus Logan, Microsoft)

Welcome to a new interview in the summer edition of the series “Windows Live and You”! Today I have invited a special guest to talk with him about his personal relation to Windows Live: let’s welcome Angus Logan, Senior Technical Product Manager for Live Services at Microsoft. mynetx: Angus, it