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Tag: Hotmail

How-to: Use Hotmail like Outlook

4 July 2011
Since last week, the e-mail service Windows Live Hotmail has got an update. Keyboard shortcuts, right-click menus like in Outlook and more details have been added and updated.

New Hotmail phishing

20 June 2011
New phishing attacks to Hotmail have recently occured. This is what the security company Trend Micro is reporting.

Reinventing Hotmail Wave 5 with HTML5

23 April 2011
The fifth wave of the Windows Live services is due in 2012 the earliest. In this wave, Hotmail could get revamped with HTML5-specific features too. For example, the Hotmail team is planning to support Offline storage.

Lost Hotmail inboxes are now back

4 January 2011
In the official Windows Live blog, Microsoft’s Chris Jones informed that the Hotmail problems have now been fixed. Since 30 December, more than 17,000 customers did not have access to their messages.

The 2010 Summary: Part II

1 January 2011
A year in review: 2010 has been both interesting and surprising for me. In this recap of July to December, you will get to know why.

Making e-mail interactive with Hotmail’s Active Views

17 December 2010
Together with some partners, Microsoft has introduced the new Hotmail Active Views platform. With this new feature, you can interact with e-mails in a whole new way to do certain tasks right within your Hotmail inbox.

Adding security to Hotmail

29 September 2010
With two new features, Hotmail users can access their accounts better in case they have been compromised by criminals. That is what the Windows Live team has announced in the Inside Windows Live blog.