New Hotmail phishing

Windows Live Hotmail

New phishing attacks to Hotmail have recently occured. This is what the security company Trend Micro is reporting.

The phishing e-mail targeted at Hotmail users looks like it was sent by Facebook’s security team. Even viewing the message in Hotmail’s web mailer compromised the system—clicking links within the e-mail was not necessary. According to Trend Micro, the security flaw has been fixed in Hotmail.

The incident shows that web mailers are one of the main targets for hackers at the moment. As soon as they control your inbox, hackers can control your whole communication of both past and future, for example by setting up an e-mail redirection.

John Scarrow, Microsoft Safety Services, declared that there is currently no information that Hotmail customers are victims of phishing attacks similar to the recent Gmail attacks. Nevertheless, the Hotmail team is aware of the danger that spam, phishing and similar scams arise, and takes action against responsible people.