Twitter is launching their own photo service

Twitter logo

The micro-blogging platform Twitter is going to launch their own photo sharing service. This is what a report originally published on the TechCrunch blog states. The new service is going to compete with the existing TwitPic and Yfrog services that have established over the recent years.

According to multiple sources, the launch of Twitter’s photo sharing service is imminent. It is said that the service will be announced at the D9 conference later today. TwitPic and Yfrog are popular especially on mobile platforms like smartphones, as you can upload photos taken with your device with ease, to share them with the world via Twitter using a short link.

A photo sharing service of its own is the next step on Twitter’s expansion road, recently manifested with taking over TweetDeck for some US$ 40 million. The company wants to reach the users with its own products, so the experience may be controlled in detail. This is especially important when it comes to developing a business model for Twitter.

There is no information yet about how Twitter’s own photo sharing service will look like. The only fact is that such service is going to be introduced imminently.