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Tag: Social Networking

Twitter is launching their own photo service

31 May 2011
The micro-blogging platform Twitter is going to launch their own photo sharing service. The new service is going to compete with the existing TwitPic and Yfrog services that have established over the recent years.

The future of Delicious, now clear

28 April 2011
Yahoo!'s social bookmarking service Delicious has a future again. The original founders of YouTube, Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, acquire the Delicious service as part of their new web company AVOS.

Egypt is back on the Web

3 February 2011
After five days, Egypt is partially back online: According to multiple sources, Web access works in the capital Cairo as well as in Alexandria. Obviously, Twitter and social networks are still blocked and can only be used with workarounds.

The 2010 Summary: Conclusion

2 January 2011
At the end of 2010, we’re looking back to the last twelve months and ask ourselves: How has Windows Live developed in this year?

Facebook and Skype - planning for rendez-vous

29 September 2010
Facebook and Skype are planning for a tight cooperation. For Facebook users, this means that they will be able to call their friends and send SMS to each other. Video chats will be integrated as well.

Cryptic Google doodle brings up rumors

7 September 2010
When you visit Google’s home page today, you are welcomed by a really strange logo: A bunch of small circles in Google colors jump over the screen apparently by random before forming the well-known Google logo. According to Google, the doodle is announcing big news.

How-to: Enable Facebook Chat in Messenger 2011 (Wave 4)

3 September 2010
One of the most interesting additions to Messenger in its recent Wave 4 Beta refresh is the ability to chat with your friends on Facebook right from within Messenger itself. How can you combine your Messenger and Facebook contact lists?