ICQ 7 Integrates Social Networks

ICQ has released version 7 of its messenger client for Windows. The combination of Instant Messaging and Social Networking results in “Social Messaging,” ICQ stated.

2009’s Real-Time vs. 2010’s Cloud Computing

Social Networks have existed ever since the beginning of the decade, varying from social blogging portals, such as Windows Live Spaces, to video-hosting networks, such as YouTube, to mere social networks, such as Hi5, Bebo, MySpace, and most importantly, Facebook.

Facebook’s Privacy Model is Changing

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has announced changed control features for protecting your privacy. In a letter shown on your profile page today, Zuckerberg is writing that users will be able to add privacy settings to each and every content that you create or upload, such as who may see the content.

MS Talk: Audio Interview With Marcus Schmidt

Over the past one and a half years, Microsoft has engaged in social media. This has helped to get in touch with us as customers and created a positive buzz around Windows and Windows Live. Social communities like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube play an important role in this.

Windows Live and You: “Building the right platform for web sites to plug into Windows Live users” (Angus Logan, Microsoft)

Welcome to a new interview in the summer edition of the series “Windows Live and You”! Today I have invited a special guest to talk with him about his personal relation to Windows Live: let’s welcome Angus Logan, Senior Technical Product Manager for Live Services at Microsoft. mynetx: Angus, it