Facebook’s Privacy Model is Changing

An Open Letter from Facebook Founder Mark ZuckerbergFacebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has announced changed control features for protecting your privacy.  In a letter shown on your profile page today, Zuckerberg is writing that users will be able to add privacy settings to each and every content that you create or upload, such as who may see the content.  Furthermore, the “privacy settings” page will be made easier, by combining some menu entries.  In the coming weeks, you will be asked to review and update your privacy settings on Facebook.

The social network will now offer the features being tested since late June to all users.  Facebook Chief Privacy Officer Chris Kelly had previously announced that users will be able to define settings for each post whether it should be accessible for all Facebook users or only selected people groups.  For enhancing the users’ privacy, Facebook had already started to dissolve the regional networks in spring.  According to Zuckerberg, Facebook will keep its plans to remove these networks completely and to design a simpler model for controling your privacy.  In this new model, you will be able to make contents viewable for “friends only,” “friends of friends” or “everybody.”

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Founder “Facebook’s current privacy model revolves around ‘networks’—communities for your school, your company or your region,” Zuckerberg writes.  That was fine when Facebook was primarily used by students, as students liked to communicate with their mates.  Then, Facebook was asked to introduce company and regional networks.  For example, today there are networks for whole countries, like India or China.  Some of these regional networks now have millions of members, and people that cannot control their privacy sufficiently anymore.


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