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Facebook: Undo automatic e-mail address change in your profile

28 June 2012
Myriads of people from all over the world are complaining about Facebook’s newest work. The reason? Without asking the users and without any announcement, the social network has updated all users’ profiles. Facebook has hidden the real e-mail addresses and inserted their But you can undo this forced change with some simple steps.

Google Analytics: In the focus of privacy advocates

3 February 2011
Protecting my privacy on the web is important for me. Nevertheless, I feel that the discussion around privacy on the Internet has heated up more and more in the last years – too much. Now, some privacy advocates even start claiming that the statistics service Google Analytics were illegal in Germany. But social networks and large web companies, like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and more platforms get into the focus of privacy advocates quite often, too. Why?

New languages for

19 January 2011
Microsoft has published a back-end update for the Facebook service Besides a speed-up and increased stability, the update adds support for additional languages.

The 2010 Summary, Part I

27 December 2010
Once again, a year is over — for me, 2010 was very interesting. Much has happened, including unforeseen events. Come with me on a timeline journey and let’s think back to the most interesting events in 2010!

Tim thinks Facebook limits new ideas

25 November 2010
The web pioneer Tim Berners-Lee considers websites like Facebook to be dangerous for the Web. They allow data to get in — but do not offer adequate ways to get them out again.

Facebook Messages merges e-mail, SMS and chat

16 November 2010
Unlike expected, Facebook has not unveiled a new webmail service competitive to Gmail. Instead, we will see a new inbox generation, combining messages from different channels, among them e-mail and SMS. Thereby, the recipient decides how messages should reach him.

Facebook and Skype - planning for rendez-vous

29 September 2010
Facebook and Skype are planning for a tight cooperation. For Facebook users, this means that they will be able to call their friends and send SMS to each other. Video chats will be integrated as well.

How-to: Enable Facebook Chat in Messenger 2011 (Wave 4)

3 September 2010
One of the most interesting additions to Messenger in its recent Wave 4 Beta refresh is the ability to chat with your friends on Facebook right from within Messenger itself. How can you combine your Messenger and Facebook contact lists?