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New Facebook Chat version will cut off IE6

26 August 2010
From 15 September onwards, the social network Facebook is cutting off users still browsing the platform with the outdated Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 browser. The reason is that a new chat system is introduced.

This Week’s Thoughts: Facebook and Privacy

11 June 2010
Not a single week is passing without talks about privacy problems at Facebook. Not surprising, as the problems happening don’t have to be big ones — privacy problems can arise even when everything works smoothly, from Facebook’s viewpoint. Worldwide, more than 400 million people are registered at Facebook. And all of them deliver data 24/7 to the U.S.-based social network — sometimes even without wanting to, and sometimes even data about friends or relatives that do not know about it and do not want it to happen.

This Week’s Thoughts: Disconnecting from Social Networks

12 February 2010
More and more people register with social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and many more. Registering is really easy – but if you want to unregister afterwards, that can get complicated. It is not that simple to say good-bye to the social networks.

Google Buzz wants to become a social network

11 February 2010
With presenting a new product (well, a Gmail extension) on Tuesday evening (9 February 2010), Google has started a little revolution, most reporters and bloggers agree. Google Buzz is the name of the new service, integrated into Gmail and going with the social community trend.

Facebook Home, reinvented.

7 February 2010
The social network Facebook has rolled out a new home page layout. The top navigation as well as the sidebar and footer have been changed.

What Facebook knows about non-members

4 February 2010
Often, Facebook knows non-members surprisingly well: Facebook is also collecting data about non-members—with the aid of the members.

ICQ 7 Integrates Social Networks

20 January 2010
ICQ has released version 7 of its messenger client for Windows. The combination of Instant Messaging and Social Networking results in “Social Messaging,” ICQ stated.

2009’s Real-Time vs. 2010’s Cloud Computing

27 December 2009
Social Networks have existed ever since the beginning of the decade, varying from social blogging portals, such as Windows Live Spaces, to video-hosting networks, such as YouTube, to mere social networks, such as Hi5, Bebo, MySpace, and most importantly, Facebook.