How-to: Enable Facebook Chat in Messenger 2011 (Wave 4)

Facebook Chat in Messenger 2011One of the most interesting additions to Messenger in its recent Wave 4 Beta refresh is the ability to chat with your friends on Facebook right from within Messenger itself. Chris Jones, Vice President Windows Live Engineering, called this new connection a significant task. Yet, how can you combine your Messenger and Facebook contact lists? Follow this how-to:

  1. Browse to
  2. Activate the check box Chat with my Facebook friends in Messenger.
  3. Scroll down and click Connect with Facebook.
  4. Grant Windows Live permission to access Facebook Chat on your behalf.
  5. Sign out and back in to Messenger. Your Facebook friends should now appear in the “Facebook” category.

Chat with Facebook Chat from Messenger


  1. I am having a problem. There is no “Chat with my Facebook friends in Messenger” for me to tick? the other 2 are visible though. Thanks.

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