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Tag: Wave 4

Update for Windows Live Essentials Wave 4

7 July 2011
The Windows Live team is publishing a bugfix update for Windows Live Essentials 2011 (Wave 4). The quick fix update, rolling out in two stages, fixes several problems in Messenger, Photo Gallery, Mail and other applications.

Closing chat windows with MPOP

8 March 2011
The other day I received a question from a Messenger user. They asked: “When I sign out on one endpoint or close a chat window there, it gets closed on all other endpoints as well. Is there a switch (registry or so?) to disable this behavior?”

The 2010 Summary: Conclusion

2 January 2011
At the end of 2010, we’re looking back to the last twelve months and ask ourselves: How has Windows Live developed in this year?

The 2010 Summary, Part I

27 December 2010
Once again, a year is over — for me, 2010 was very interesting. Much has happened, including unforeseen events. Come with me on a timeline journey and let’s think back to the most interesting events in 2010!

How-to: Change your name in Messenger 2011

12 November 2010
Starting from Windows Live Messenger 2011, your friends will always see your real name when talking with you. The name shown to your friends now originates from your Windows Live Profile. Thus, this is the place to look at when you want to change your display name in Messenger.

Available soon: Messenger Plus! 4.9

6 October 2010
Since Windows Live Messenger 2011 (code name “Wave 4”) was released last Thursday, I received some questions as to when Messenger Plus! will be updated to work with the new Messenger version. Here are some details.

Messenger for iPhone 1.1

1 October 2010
Microsoft has released an update for its Windows Live Messenger App for iPhone. The update fixes numerous errors, but also contains several new features that have been included in Messenger Wave 4 as well.