Available soon: Messenger Plus! 4.9

Messenger Plus! Live logo

Since Windows Live Messenger 2011 (code name “Wave 4”) was released last Thursday, I received some questions as to when Messenger Plus! will be updated to work with the new Messenger version. Here are some details.

Messenger Plus! 4.9 will be released around the next week-end (Sunday 10 October 2010, plus-minus two days). Note that this minor update will provide only basic support, similar to the support with Plus! 4.85 for the last Messenger Wave 4 beta. It is still the next major version, Messenger Plus! 5, that is targeted at full support for Messenger 2011.

By the way, removing advertisements in Messenger 2011 is also possible:
Ahmed has updated his patching software [download id=”24″].


  1. Your information is not correct!

    Plus! 4.9 (partially compatible with WLM2011) will probably be released within one or TWO weeks from now.

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