Minor update for Messenger Plus! 5

Yuna Software has released version 5.01 of the popular Messenger extension Messenger Plus!. Among a dozen bug fixes, a new feature has been activated: commands in the contact list.

Long expected: Messenger Plus! 5 released

The newest update for the most prominent Windows Live Messenger extension, Messenger Plus! 5, has been released. It adds support for Messenger 2011 as well as minor enhancements and one major new feature: online chat logging.

Messenger Plus 4.9—just an in-between solution

Messenger Plus! is getting near to its fifth version, planned for release in December 2010. Plus! 5 will have complete support for Messenger 2011 (Wave 4). However, in the meantime Yuna Software has published an in-between version, Messenger Plus! 4.9, with only partial support for the new Windows Live Messenger.

Messenger Plus! 4.83: Summary of the recent changes

Since December 2009, several new builds of Messenger Plus! 4.83 have been published on the Web without any accompanying list what was changed. For the one’s interested among you, Patchou has backtraced these minor changes.

Messenger Plus!: Moving on to new pastures

Messenger Plus! creator Patchou (Cyril Paciullo) has announced that everything concerning the recent move over to Yuna Software has been settled. Software development is back on track, the plannings for Messenger Plus! Live 5 are running, and Patchou is going to be the leader in Yuna’s new Montreal office.