Messenger Plus!: Moving on to new pastures

Messenger Plus! Live 5 - Logo mock-up

Messenger Plus! creator Patchou (Cyril Paciullo) has announced that everything concerning the recent move over to Yuna Software has been settled.  Software development is back on track, the plannings for Messenger Plus! Live 5 are running, and Patchou is going to be the leader in Yuna’s new Montreal office.  He explains:

In the last 2 months, I’ve read many posts, many blog entries, many comments and many emails regarding Yuna Software.  As things were being restructured on Yuna Software’s side (the owner), concerns were not addressed and emails were not answered. Development of Messenger Plus! was not properly guided anymore and proper tests and translations were not performed. On behalf of the entire company, let me start by apologizing for these issues. These problems should never have happened.

After everything that was said recently about the company and the direction Messenger Plus! was taking, I had a long chat with some of the top level people in Yuna Software and they confirmed the following: I’m back in charge of things. For now, I’m focusing on the Montreal office, a newly improved relationship with Microsoft (that can only be good right?), and all the main aspects that should make Messenger Plus! 5 a killer add-on for instant messaging software by the end of the year.

After all, the efforts that the members of the Messenger Plus! community have invested were not in vain.  If things happen to come true in the way Cyril talked about, there is much more to come.

“Thanks to all the people who keep on contributing to the success of Messenger Plus!, I’m sure we’ll be able to achieve something that was well worth the wait,” Patchou concludes.

What do you think?