Messenger Plus! 4.83: Summary of the recent changes

Since December 2009, several new builds of Messenger Plus! 4.83 have been published on the Web without any accompanying list what was changed.  For the one’s interested among you, Patchou has backtraced these minor changes.  Here is a short summary:

Messenger Plus! 4.83.374 (10 December 2009)

In right-to-left versions of Messenger (Hebrew, Arabic), the Plus! icon was displayed horizontally mirrored.  This has been corrected.

Plus! now ships with a new promotional system, including an engine to display additional buttons in the Messenger toolbars.  These buttons depend on your country/language setting and are intended to fully replace Messenger Plus!’s old sponsor program once they are perfectly functional.

Messenger Plus!: Game of The Month

Messenger Plus! 4.83.375 (18 December 2009)

Additional corrections were made regarding the promotional system.

Messenger Plus! 4.83.376 (15 January 2010)

Corrected possible incompatibility with the Messenger add-on Sweet IM.

The pop-up sponsor included in Plus! setup has been replaced with a browser toolbar for Internet Explorer and Firefox, powered by Conduit.  The toolbar has its own uninstaller and works like any other normal proper toolbar in your browser (it can be enabled, disabled, etc…). Its installation is still entirely optional.

Messenger Plus! 4.83.378 (14 February 2010)

The promotion system mentioned before now takes more parameters.  Nothing is visibly changed.

Get the latest build of Messenger Plus!:

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