Google buys iPhone mail client creator reMail

With reMail, Google takes over a specialist for mobile e-mail solutions. From now on, you cannot download the company’s iPhone software anymore.

ReMail founder Gabor Cselle returns to Google where he once worked as intern.  Later he had been development leader at Xobni, offering search and social features for Microsoft’s e-mail client Outlook, and finally founded Remail to develop a new mobile e-mail client.

For a while, his software has been available for Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch.  It downloads all e-mails in a mailbox to the mobile end device and thus makes the mail searchable.  That doesn’t only work much faster than searching mails on servers, but also saves money, according to reMail, pointing to the data transfer costing otherwise.

With being taken over by Google however, reMail disappeared from the market and is not available in Apple’s App Store anymore.  Google had been taking the same steps with products developed by other companies taken over.

Existing customers can continue to use reMail, Support is available until the end of March 2010.  As recompensation, all users of the software will get all paid features for free.

Remail founder Gabor Cselle is going to work as Product Manager for Google Mail.