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Facebook: Undo automatic e-mail address change in your profile

28 June 2012
Myriads of people from all over the world are complaining about Facebook’s newest work. The reason? Without asking the users and without any announcement, the social network has updated all users’ profiles. Facebook has hidden the real e-mail addresses and inserted their But you can undo this forced change with some simple steps.

Windows Phone “Mango”: Combined e-mail inbox

24 May 2011
With the next big update for Windows Phone, code-named “Mango”, Microsoft is going to introduce a so-called “Linked Inbox” for e-mails, showing multiple e-mail accounts at once, merged.

Facebook Messages merges e-mail, SMS and chat

16 November 2010
Unlike expected, Facebook has not unveiled a new webmail service competitive to Gmail. Instead, we will see a new inbox generation, combining messages from different channels, among them e-mail and SMS. Thereby, the recipient decides how messages should reach him.

Introducing Hotmail for your own e-mail address

7 November 2010
Windows Live Hotmail gets a new feature: Now you can access other e-mail accounts from Hotmail. For example, you can send and receive Gmails within Hotmail’s interface.

Google: The Wave is retiring

6 August 2010
Originally developed as a “successor to e-mail,” Google is preparing to close down the social service Google Wave. Users did not accept the service as Google expected.

New Hotmail for everybody!

4 August 2010
The Hotmail team has finally finished the new Windows Live Wave 4 upgrade for all user accounts of Hotmail. According to the team, more than 350 million users in more than 220 countries now take advantage of this big update.

Send messages without Hotmail advertisements

11 June 2010
In the upcoming Hotmail version, e-mails sent with Hotmail will no longer have an advertisement footer. The update, rolling out from 15 June 2010 onwards, is code-named “Wave 4”, and getting rid of the Hotmail advertisement is part of this new version.