Introducing Hotmail for your own e-mail address

Hotmail -

Windows Live Hotmail gets a new feature: Now you can access other e-mail accounts from Hotmail. For example, you can send and receive Gmails within Hotmail’s interface.

In the Inside Windows Live blog, Group Program Manager Dick Craddock mentions that this was possible in the Microsoft Outlook application since long, just not on the Web. “Over 30 million people have already registered an email address from another service when signing up for a Windows Live ID to use Xbox, Zune, SkyDrive, or Messenger,” Dick says.

Sending and receiving mails from a different account is one of Hotmail’s specialities — just like Spam filters, multimedia messages, and the “Sweep” feature, allowing you to delete or reorganize large amounts of e-mail.

To start using this feature, just sign in at Hotmail with your Windows Live ID. You will be able to use Hotmail with your own e-mail address easily!