Windows Phone “Mango”: Combined e-mail inbox

With the next big update for Windows Phone, code-named “Mango”, Microsoft is going to introduce a so-called “Linked Inbox” for e-mails, showing multiple e-mail accounts at once, merged.

Windows Phone Mango: Linked Inbox

According to a press e-mail sent to Microsoft’s press journalists in New Zealand (via Neowin), an attached screenshot shows a new home screen tile labeled “Linked Inbox”. Obviously, the new feature shows e-mails from multiple inboxes in a single overview, while other accounts can also be listed separately, if you want to.

Introducing this new feature has allegedly been confirmed via Twitter too. In the coming week, Microsoft is holding a series of press events to inform extensively about the plans for Windows Phone “Mango”. In the end, “Mango” is supposed to have the version number 7.5.