How-to: Create invisible folders in Windows 7

When multiple people work with your computer, they don’t have to see what you’re working on immediately.  You could protect the corresponding folder with a password—but that would only make your co-workers nosey.  It is more simple and effective to make the folder invisible.

Invisible folder

To create an invisible folder on your desktop, follow these steps:

  1. Right-click the desktop.
  2. Pick the New, Folder command.
  3. Call the Character map program (Start, All programs, Accessories, System programs).
  4. Scroll down in the appearing list of characters.
  5. Mark one of the empty boxes.
  6. Click Select to copy the invisible character to your clipboard.
  7. Now, right-click the new folder on your desktop and choose Rename.
  8. Press Ctrl+V to overwrite the existing default name with the invisible character.
  9. Now, right-click the folder and choose Properties.
  10. Switch to the Customize tab.
  11. Click the Change icon… button.
  12. Scroll two display pages to the right, until a hole in the icon set appears.  Click it.
  13. Confirm your changes by clicking OK.
  14. The folder has disappeared!

To access the invisible folder, click the desktop and press Ctrl+A to select all icons.  The empty selection shows the position of the invisible folder.