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Tag: Windows 7

How-to: Add Control Panel to the Windows 7 jumplist

17 October 2011
Like any program, the Control Panel has a jumplist. On right-clicking the Control Panel icon in the taskbar, its jumplist shows the last used Control Panel components. Would you like to add additional elements to the jumplist and pin them permanently?

How-to: Create invisible folders in Windows 7

24 May 2011
When multiple people work with your computer, they don’t have to see what you’re working on immediately. You could protect the corresponding folder with a password—but that would only make your co-workers nosey. It is more simple and effective to make the folder invisible.

Windows 7 Service Pack 1 released

22 February 2011
The first major update for Microsoft’s successful Windows 7 has been released. Besides new features, it contains all previous updates and hotfixes published for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.

Is Zune’s future in danger?

20 February 2011
When Microsoft announced the strategic partnership with Nokia last week, they also talked about the brands that both companies are going to share. It was remarkable that Zune is not one of them.

How-to: Enable the telnet command in Windows 7

13 January 2011
Using the telnet command, tech-savvy ones can remote control other computers or check HTTP, SMTP, POP3 and more plain-text connections over the web, by using the telnet command. Though, apparently this command has been removed in Windows 7. It has not.

How-to: Hide Windows 7 libraries

28 December 2010
In Windows 7, “My Documents” have been replaced by “Libraries”. However, not everybody uses the new folder structure.

How-to: Change your Windows 7 logon screen

28 November 2010
No matter which desktop background you set in Windows 7: while starting, you will always see the blue default background. You want to style this background as well? Here are the necessary steps to customize the Windows logon screen.

How-to: Block Windows 7 SP1 from installing

12 November 2010
Microsoft has provided the Windows Service Pack Blocker Tool for Administrators. With this tool, you can block Windows 7 Service Pack 1 from getting installed automatically through Windows Update.

How-to: Reset IE browser settings

10 November 2010
If Internet Explorer crashes often or gets painfully slow, resetting its settings may help. Resetting IE deletes all personal settings and restores the browser to the state right after installation.