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Tag: How To

How-to: Create invisible folders in Windows 7

24 May 2011
When multiple people work with your computer, they don’t have to see what you’re working on immediately. You could protect the corresponding folder with a password—but that would only make your co-workers nosey. It is more simple and effective to make the folder invisible.

How-to: Paste text without formatting in Chrome

19 February 2011
While copying texts to website forms — like your own blog —, the text formatting gets pasted into the textbox as well. This can get annoying. You want to copy texts without formatting?

How-to: Reduce hard disk access in Windows 7

3 February 2011
Once per minute, Windows 7 writes a timestamp to disk. This enables diagnostic tools to check whether and when Windows has been shut down unexpectedly. For home usage, you can safely disable the timestamp. This reduces write access to your hard disk.

How-to: Increase your Internet Speed

3 February 2011
In this tutorial I’m going to show you a quick way to eliminate bandwidth restrictions. Windows OS come to us with a lot of unknown restrictions and limitations.

How-to: Enable the telnet command in Windows 7

13 January 2011
Using the telnet command, tech-savvy ones can remote control other computers or check HTTP, SMTP, POP3 and more plain-text connections over the web, by using the telnet command. Though, apparently this command has been removed in Windows 7. It has not.

How-to: Disable Windows Live Messenger

11 January 2011
Even if you don’t use it for chatting with friends, Windows Live Messenger keeps starting up every time you start your computer. The solution: disable Messenger’s auto-start.

How-to: Set your favorite mouse cursor

28 December 2010
Microsoft has not changed the default mouse cursor in Windows since Windows Vista was published. The default pointer however is sometimes not quite visible. For my part, this is the most important reason why I am using a non-standard mouse cursor.

How-to: Hide Windows 7 libraries

28 December 2010
In Windows 7, “My Documents” have been replaced by “Libraries”. However, not everybody uses the new folder structure.