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Tag: How To

Mesh problems: Sign-in not possible

14 December 2010
If you wanted to try out the synchronization service Windows Live Mesh recently and launched it for the first time, you might have seen nothing but an error message.

How-to: Change your Windows 7 logon screen

28 November 2010
No matter which desktop background you set in Windows 7: while starting, you will always see the blue default background. You want to style this background as well? Here are the necessary steps to customize the Windows logon screen.

How-to: Change your name in Messenger 2011

12 November 2010
Starting from Windows Live Messenger 2011, your friends will always see your real name when talking with you. The name shown to your friends now originates from your Windows Live Profile. Thus, this is the place to look at when you want to change your display name in Messenger.

How-to: Reset IE browser settings

10 November 2010
If Internet Explorer crashes often or gets painfully slow, resetting its settings may help. Resetting IE deletes all personal settings and restores the browser to the state right after installation.