How-to: Style Messenger to use your own font

Seeing the same font everywhere can get boring at times. This is why I am changing my font every few months, whether its color or its fontface. Are you wondering how to style your Messenger and use your favorite font? Let’s take a look.

Messenger: Choose your font

  1. Open any conversation window.
  2. Maximize the window.
  3. Messenger 2009:
    At the bottom, click the icon.
    – or –
    Messenger 2011:
  4. At the right end of the toolbar, click the More commands button.
  5. Now choose the entry.
  6. Select your favorite font on the left.
  7. Choose a great color that you like on the left bottom.
  8. Click OK.
  9. Start writing chat messages in your new shiny font!

Does that work for you?