Long expected: Messenger Plus! 5 released

The newest update for the most prominent Windows Live Messenger extension, Messenger Plus! 5, has been released. It adds support for Messenger 2011 as well as minor enhancements and one major new feature: online chat logging. The update is the first major update since Messenger Plus! had transitioned from being developed by a single developer, to an application being worked on by multiple developers.

Nathalie, Community Liaison at Yuna Software, announced:

Messenger Plus! welcomes Windows Live Messenger 2011 users to its community of more than 62 million members. Messenger Plus! users benefit from skins, scripts, plugins and all the exciting features of this freeware that has been enhancing Windows Live Messenger since 2001.

Along with the software’s version 5, the Messenger Plus! website has been recreated from scratch. Now it features a new “MyPlus!” section, soon you will be able to upload your contributions directly, such as skins, scripts or display pictures. With the new online chat logging feature, you can read your log files from wherever you are — after logging in at the Plus! website using your MyPlus! login.

Free download: [download id=4]