Messenger for iPhone 1.1

Microsoft has released an update for its Windows Live Messenger App for iPhone. It is the first update since the iPhone App was first released back in June 2010. The update fixes numerous errors, but also contains several new features that have been included in Messenger Wave 4 as well.

Ye Gu, Group Program Manager, Windows Live mobile services, explains:

On June 21st, we released the Windows Live Messenger app for iPhone. Since then, the Messenger app has reached #1 in the iTunes app marketplace at some point in time in over 50 countries, and we’ve had nearly 7 million downloads worldwide. Thank you for the great support you’ve given us!

For example, you can now resort your contact list, like sorting it by online/offline contacts, by Favorites or by status. More new features include:

  • Support for iOS 4
  • Facebook Chat integration
  • Friends List Filters
  • Blocking/unblocking contacts
  • Faster sign-in
  • 31 languages supported

Still missing: feature-complete iPad support. It is unknown when this will get added.

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  1. That’s really old news. 1.1 was released some time ago, and 1.1.1 got released on 18 September. Try to keep up 😉

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