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Windows Live Spaces is migrating to This is what Dharmesh Mehta, Director Windows Live Product Management, has announced in the Windows Live team blog. All existing 30 million spaces can be migrated without hassle in an automated process. Dharmesh states:

Windows Live and have worked together to build a simple way to move your blog posts, comments, and integrated photos right over to and start taking advantage of all their new features. And we’ll also redirect all your old Spaces URLs to your new blog, so you don’t lose any visitors along the way.

Until now, Windows Live Spaces has had a mere shadow existance. Despite the Windows Live team working to reduce clutter and ease the usage, Spaces have often suffered from Spam attacks and a user interface hard to use. On the other hand, WordPress is the perfect blogging platform for just anybody — is powered by its self-hosted version as well.

Paul Kim, AutomatticPaul Kim, VP User Growth for Automattic, the company behind, welcomes you as Spaces users:

We’re excited to announce that is now the default blogging platform for Windows Live Spaces users. […]

Over a six month period, beginning today, Windows Live Spaces users will have the option to move their blogs to To make this possible, we’ve created a brand new importer for Windows Live Spaces to New Windows Live users will also be offered a blog when they choose to create a new blog.

Originally launched as MSN Spaces in 2004, Windows Live Spaces come to their end until March 2011. It is more than just another end of life for a Windows Live service. In the past weeks, we have seen passing away Alerts, as well as the emergency platform Microsoft Vine. I feel proud for the Windows Live team to team up with It simply provides such a good platform for you as users.

Soon, I’ll give more information about how to migrate your existing Spaces blog to a one. What do you think about this news?

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