So long Spaces!

The news on Windows Live Spaces migrating to has caught much interest. I asked several of you what they think about shutting Live Spaces down and moving all users over to Here is what they said:

  • Spaces was dead to me anyway; but with the popularity of WP Blogs, it could gain some strengths now.
    George Saadé, Lebanon;
  • The migration to could be cool — I like it. It is more customizable than Spaces ever were…
    Maxime Rastello, France;
  • I think it is about the best thing they could have done. Obviously the Windows Live team gave up on Spaces long ago, and they could just have pulled the plug.
    Kip Kniskern, United States;
  • Why not? I mean, WordPress is one of the best blog clients platforms… That was the good thing. The bad thing is that with Windows Live Spaces, everybody with a Windows Live ID could create a blog easily.
    George Nirakis, Greece;

  • I find the migration news great! Why? Because I find WordPress great and consider it well done that Windows Live decided to team up with this partner.
    Nico Plusqua, Germany; Windows Live Buddyscout Team
  • I’d say it is a good move. Live Spaces never caught on, to be honest. Migrating to WordPress would not leace Spaces users stranded, while at the same time giving Microsoft the chance to refocus their resources. Personally i think its a Win Win situation for both sides (Microsoft and the users).
    Lance Manasse, United Kingdom; former Windows Live Butterfly
  • I think it’s the best solution with the least investment that Microsoft can offer its userbase. Microsoft has conceded that they cannot provide a best-in-class service in the arena of blogging, so I applaud their decision to help users migrate to a platform that is an industry leader.

    Given there are a myriad ways to interact with friends and share content (Messenger Social, Facebook, Twitter, etc.), I think that blogging no longer needs to be a central component of the average user’s social experience. Of course, blogging will continue to be extremely popular among a certain niche of users, but it no longer drives the social experience the way it did in Spaces halcyon days.

    That said, I’m going to miss Spaces. It was one of the reasons I joined Windows Live in the first place.
    Greg Edwards, United States; Windows Live MVP

  • By choosing an established platform rather than attempting to develop their own, Microsoft has made a smart move, both financially and from the users’ standpoint.
    Brian Donohue, Canada;

A good move, says the common opinion. Would you, on your turn, agree? What do you think?

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