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The 2010 Summary, Part I

27 December 2010
Once again, a year is over — for me, 2010 was very interesting. Much has happened, including unforeseen events. Come with me on a timeline journey and let’s think back to the most interesting events in 2010!

Windows Live Writer: Calling for ideas

14 December 2010
Windows Live Writer is one of the first applications of the Essentials suite to enter the planning phase for its next release, called “Wave 5.” Now is the time to get involved into the plannings, adding your ideas and wishes.

32 or 64 Bit: What Makes the Difference?

5 December 2010
In recent times, the 64 bit architecture gets more and more important. What is common for 32 and 64 bit, what do you have to pay attention to?

So long Spaces!

27 September 2010
The news on Windows Live Spaces migrating to has caught much interest. I asked several of you what they think about shutting Live Spaces down and moving all users over to

Reminder: Windows Live Events is closing

30 May 2010
As previously announced, the Windows Live Events web service is retiring. After 31 May 2010, you will not be able to access any data stored within Events.

Webcam feature already changed

29 May 2010
The first changes due to Messenger 2011 are introduced in Messenger 2009 now as well, as we noticed: The webcam feature is only usable on both sides.

i'm Initiative ends with $3,000,000 donations

24 May 2010
Microsoft has ended the “I’m making a difference” initiative. Users of Windows Live Messenger and Hotmail could collect money for help organizations by simply using the services.