Reminder: Windows Live Events is closing

Windows Live EventsAs previously announced, the Windows Live Events web service is retiring. After 31 May 2010, you will not be able to access any data stored within Events.

Windows Live Events was an online service by Microsoft as part of its Windows Live range of services that enabled users in Windows Live Spaces to share and plan different types of Events happening around them while collaborating with other services such as Windows Live Calendar and Windows Live Spaces.

The service allowed users to plan and manage their own Events, add them to their Space, receive Alerts and integrate with other Windows Live services such as Calendar.

How-to: Backup your Events photos and videos

You still have some events photos, videos or similar documents you would like to retain? Please back them up before 31 May 2010. Here is how:

  1. Open Windows Live Events.
  2. Sign in with your Windows Live ID.
  3. Open your events list.
  4. Click one of your existing events in the list.
  5. On the left, click a section, such as Photos.
  6. Now browse the albums and download their contents using the More menu.

Windows Live Events: Download your photos


  1. hi ! salutations. for me the information is too late but thanks.
    …msn has a news aspect but I have had some problems to start with…
    (or perhaps has me that has bad config the isp browser …)

    (sorry for my bad english…) – Lopes from Portugal

  2. hi! groet. voor mij de informatie te laat maar toch bedankt. … MSN heeft een aspect nieuws maar ik heb wat problemen om te beginnen met … (of misschien heeft mij dat is slecht voor de ISP config browser …) (sorry mijn slecht Engels …) – Lopes uit Portugal

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