Instant update for SkyDrive

The Windows Live team has published an instant update for the web file storage Windows Live SkyDrive. Modern browsers and HTML5 make SkyDrive faster, easier to navigate, and more beautiful for viewing photos.

What happened to

“Windows Live Personalised Experience”—this is what Wikipedia calls, the successor of This service allowed you to put together your own home page with gadgets and other stuff to get you a home on the Web. Much like iGoogle, to be honest. Frozen project, it seems. Dead project? Let’s

Update to the Web Toolkit

Keiji Kanazawa just announced an update to the Windows Live Messenger Web Toolkit. He states: With this update, The Messenger Web Toolkit UI Controls should work better in IE6 We have changed the sign in text from “IM Here” to “Sign In” to make it more clear what it does

Windows Live Profile Updates: Facebook, and more!

Since yesterday, the list of Web Activity providers available for integration into your Windows Live Profile has been extended. Major providers have been added, some of them had been announced back in January. Here are some of the most interesting updated bits: Facebook is now a Web Activity provider (Add